Build strength with this challenging workout with Jeremy. This is a workout for advanced levels.

WOW Jeremy - another really challenging and great workout.A fab way to work of the day’s stress - THank you! :-)

Could you tell me which combination of mat and bungees are being used here. I’m confused about how bouncy\hard the Bellicon should be. I already have a trainer and am thinking of buying a Bellicon.  Can one try it out at home first?  Great workouts Jeremy - I love them and as everyone else has said, so well timed for the instructions and the exercises .  Brilliant 

Really great fun!!!

Fantastick I added toning balls & I got my heart rate pumping Many Thanks

I've been doing level 6/7 but this workout was just fine.  Chose only to do quarter turns.

Very clear instructions and gave time for us to integrate each movement/jump.[:01:]

Thank u Jeremy [:01:]

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