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Rejuvenate Bounce at Jackson Park



Enjoy a rejuvenating, light bounce at Jackson Park in the fall in downtown Chicago. Perfect workout for all levels.

What a perfect video for someone brand new to this and who's been quite sedentary for a while. I loved Fayth's personality, and I especially loved how she told us what we'd be feeling as it was happening (e.g. shaky legs, the burn), so I wasn't worried whether or not that was normal. Excellent video :)

This is my all time favourite and the outdoor autumn scene is lovely

Dear Fayth and bellicon, This was another routine that was perfect for me, but I will need to repeat them  a lot before I  move on, because my ankles are so weak. No way I can leave the mat yet. JP

This was a great video for beginners I enjoyed it 

I love the way the you remind us to check if we're in the right position or not. My shoulder's were too high and too tight and I didn't notice until you said.

Loving this... I have RA and need to get moving... Looking forward to taking control of my health.

Great bounce!  A bit of a ankle issue though ... (a bit rusted?).

Thank you!

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