Arm + Leg Cardio Burn



Another body burning workout by Jeremy!

This was my first time doing this workout with weights. It took some time to get used to the resistance bands and the proper weight for me, but once I figured that out, I loved this workout! I also appreciate the pep talk throughout!

ahhh so fun,,,,,

when you don't feel for the Swiss Jump..this is the next best thing ! Merci Jeremy

Thank you, Jeremy! Love the workout and the pep talk at the end :).

Love this one! Could feel the (leg) burn! Thank you!

Anther great Jeremy workout - thank you!!!

Not sure if you said & I missed it but what strength resistance band do you use? 
I have had a look and they come in various resistance..... light, medium & strong. 

Great all-around workout  - thank you Jeremy!

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