Margaret's Arms + Abs Bounce



This workout is structured similarly to the standard bounce class. Margaret will lead a gentle warm-up followed by more vigorous bouncing to lift the heart rate and burn calories. Songs devoted to strengthening the arms and abdominals will serve as active

Loved it!  That was fun, fast paced and got a nice sweat going!!  Would love to see a leg/squat based workout from you!!

Fantastic!   Great workout.  Margaret makes it fun and engaging.  Wasn't sure I could do it, seeing that I haven't done cardio in a while and I'm in my 50's, but I stuck with it and feel good.  Thank you for these great videos.

I loved this! I have previewed your other workouts and look forward to doing them next. More, please!

Oh my gosh!  Amazing!!!  Thank you!

Wow, such a great workout! Thank you Margaret!!

This was a fun, fast moving workout. Thanks you, Margaret [:01:]


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