Cardio Coordination Bounce



Raise your heart rate by raising those arms and legs high! This workout with exercise your brain and your body while burning a lot of calories.

I didn't know what to expect but enjoyed this one thoroughly.  Great moves and the coordination part was challenging.  looking forward to more!

Tiziana that was a great workout. Got a good sweat going.  Definately a Favourite![:06:]

I really loved this workout! It was challenging, but also felt safe and well-thought out. Thank you!

I gave this a try yesterday and absolutely loved it! Love the variety and the focus on coordination, added bonus was the cardio.  Definitely will be adding it on my favorites list[:01:]

I love this workout Tiziana! It's going on my list of favorites!

Great workout! Really burned some calories. Only suggestion is to keep reminding us to hold our core in especially during bouncing squats, to protect our backs. I hurt mine that way once. Not really your job to remind me but would help. Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm. You are an inspiration to me. 

Great workout. Seemed higher than level 5, but I did it...BIG sweat! Thanks!

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