Tiziana's Bounce Class



A calorie burning class of fun moves and new challenges!

Great intro to interval training with the Bellicon, thank you Tiziana!  I'm grateful for your teaching style and hoping you will produce some longer workout videos in the future :)  Thank you! Dank je!

The end of the workout is out of sync. Loved the workout, but this technical issue was very disappointing.
I experienced the same problem with the last video I streamed. Bellicon needs to pay attention to AND fix these glitches. The viewer/customer leaves the workout with a negative feeling. Very frustrating.

Great workout, but the last 5 minutes of the video are jumbled up. It wasn't like this before. Please fix it. Thanks! 

Today 7/16/19, the bounce video was corrupted with about 4.75 minutes to the end. Part of the beginning video was showing while the correct audio continued. It was very confusing.
i hope you wean fix it as it has become one of my favorite  routines.


Love Bouncing with you..... you make it a lot of fun

Thanks! Enjoyed it just as much as the first time!

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