Strengthening with X-Base



Build full body strength and take your training to the next level with this full body strengthening sequence!

Thank you Sarah! Love your workouts with X-Base! Please: more, more, more![:06:]

I Love your x-base Workouts 

Loved it - Sarah is always creative, always engaging and gives a great workout - this one was all of those things! 

Wow, my arms feel like Jello now.. Thanks for the great workouts, Sarah! 

I love this quick upper-body workout.  The bottoms of my feet are wimpy so the band was uncomfortable - I'll just wear my sneakers next time for this one.  Thanks, Sarah! 

Love it. My arms feel weak! Can you consider doing an X-base sequence that focuses on the legs? Thank u.

Could I use a thera-band if I don't have that specific contraption?

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