Great video for first thing in the morning, especially on a morning when I  don't want to get out of bed!  Thanks Jeremy.

Great morning or evening workout after a long work day.  It .gets the blood flowing!

Too easy compare to previous workouts in progamme

For an absolute beginner.....this was nice.  Probably too easy for some. 

Way too easy. I wished you would have had a beginner description on it . I would have chose something else.

Great way to start my day!!!!! Thank You

This is a good warm-up but I think it should be renamed.  There wasn't enough cardio for it even to be "light"..  The cardio started even after he does abs (way at the end).  I did like it, but in the future, I'll use it as a warm-up or cool-down.  I think this should be renamed to "warm-up"  and also be a Level 2 (certainly not a 6).  [:08:]

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