Footwork, Balance & Bounce



Practice your footwork, balance and bounce with a wonderful view of the beautiful Chicago Skyline.

I love Jeremy’s other videos in this program. This one was a bit too easy for my taste - more line a level 3 or 4. I agree with the other posts that this video is out of place in this power program. Good for a nice stretch though. 

This is rather tame and seemed out of place in the get fit in 50 days programme. I’m sure it would be great for beginners though..

I used it as a cool down, when arms are extended out palms up it rolls back your shoulders and is more challenging.

Hi, this doesnt fit in this program. Its way to easy.

Hello, this is way too easy for level 8 ;)

Nice place program to end a long day! 

It is not a level 8, but more a 4 or 5 one.

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