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Strong Balance, Speed and Height



Get strong balance, speed and height with this new video. Get a great workout from your squats - toning and strengthening those glutes and quads muscles.

The excersices are great. Thanks for this super training for a 77 year old guy.

Tell Daisy that I thought ladies perspire - not sweat!  Had a little difficulty staying up to her pace, but then I am a 65 year old male.  Love her southern approach!  Sam Smith of Richmond, KY.

What a pleasure! Thank you.

Exactly what I needed [:06:]

I enjoyed the combination of cardio and leg/glutes. This is at a faster pace than other of Daisy's videos, which I like for the variety. It is routines like this that I got a trampoline - exercise that doesn't feel like exercise! Thanks

Loved it!!  Not too difficult coordination.  Will definitely do again.

Excellent video Daisy for my first one back after surgery!! I missed bouncing with you for a while but great to get back to The Daisy Daily Videos!! :) Love your ENERGY

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