Post Yoga Workout



A great video to play after an intense workout.

loved it!! can you please do some more yoga workouts? we need some more!!1

Thank you Jill for the Great Yoga courses. I lack flexibility in my hips. I am 51 years old, I have adapted the exercises to not force on my knees that are brittle, with a strap to not hurt me .[:01:]

excellent session with Jill thank You

Nice workout! Tone of voice great but strained to hear part of time. Great warm down

love this - it feels more like a Post Workout Yoga.... 

I will use some of these moves for stretching after bouncing.

Thank you Jill. Your yoga presentation was very calming and peaceful.

Well done, Jill. Incorporated the Bellicon nicely into the practice. Those first stretches for the upper back and shoulders would be good to do during the day if you're working at a computer. This was a good follow-up to Daisy's Dance Work-0ut video.

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