Bounce and Jog



15 minutes of jogging and bouncing on the bellicon.

this was great!! more please! Bounce needs more low impact.

This video isn't working properly August 30, 2019.  It goes to a black screen with no picture or sound.  Its part of a training plan so how can I go onto the next video in the training plan?

I loved this workout. Especially the side to side shifts.  Could feel it in my tummy and waist area.  I had some slight issues with my ankles when I first started but it was ok by the end.  My fault.  I Just should have stretched a little before jumping.[:03:]

Loved this! I incorporated some light weights so appreciate bringing the arm movements into it. Thanks so much.

Getting back to my Bellicon after a year lapse. Had some health issues and quickly got out of the habit of using my Bellicon daily. Returned to this one. One of my favorites! Great to get me going again. I feel better already! Thanks Jeremy

Great workout for core awareness!  I am sweating from head to toe! Thank you Jeremy !

too easy ,definitely not a 7

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