Flow and Bounce



A balanced workout with with a moderate amount of cardio and plenty of stretching. Performed outdoors next to “The Bean” in Chicago’s Millennium Park.

Schade, dass er dieses Mal so wenig spricht. Ich war sehr mit hinschauen beschäftigt und konnte mich weniger auf die Übungen konzentrieren.

I like the training very much. I like that you do not talk so much. But, and this would be very important, when I am not in a position in which I see the monitor I don't realize, when you change and the exercise ist worthless, if I always look on the monitor. But still, I love your style!

Schönes Workout, leider ohne Ton 

Nice. I used this as a warm down from a more active cardio workout and it felt really good. Can also use it as a warm-up as well. Thanks, Jeremy!

Please add a voice over with the vocal cues! It made it very difficult to have good alignment for the beginning portion and it was hard for the ab series as well, because I had to strain my neck to see if you moved to a new movement. I get that you want it to have flow but you cant have that if you don't know what the next move is. 

Awesome workout! Thanks

As Dee it was a pity to not have vocal cues , usually I can't watch the video during exercice and it added difficulty, otherwise so easy!

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