Lymphatic Cleanse



A challenging cardio workout that encourages lymphatic flow and boosts your immune system.

LOVE this one! The moves were so simple and flowed so smoothly, no instruction was needed. Great as a warm up or workout when pressed for time.

Awesome Jeremy thanks so much :) 

Good I just saw a difference just after this first day [:01:]

Schon wieder kein Ton, keine Motivation!  Nur Sphärenmusik....der Blick  wandert Richtung Wolken....ach, was macht er jetzt? Kann ich nicht erkennen....hüpf ich halt so die viertel Stunde!!!

Excellent work out! Thank you[:01:]

Loved this one!  I enjoyed the quiet.  Thank you!

You did it again, Jeremy! Love it, thank  you!

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