Lenka's Swissjump Workout



Introducing Lenka

The bellicon I used in this video is a bellicon Plus 44" with folding legs and X-strong bungees in custom colors. You can take a look at this configuration (except the custom-colored bungees) here:

Hallo Lenka.
I like it

This looks fantastic - but I don't have a T Bar (and I live in a first floor flat...[:02:]) Do you have any videos without a T Bar? 

and yes - I would also like to experience this intensity without the T-bar.

feels good to jump in this style

Lenka, I love your videos and your energy!  I do both of your videos in the morning before work.  I hope those new Lenka videos come out soon (preferably without T-bar) [:06:]

More like this please!!!  I've been watching the Boogie Bounce and other mini trampoline workouts set to high intensity house music from around the world, specifically Europe and find it so much fun!  Makes me want to get on that trampoline more and more.  Thank you....

No sound of instruction? I have only a sound of music playing... and also- the image is a bit small- it is difficult to follow when doing exercise 

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