I fast forward this video because I went through it yesterday following the previous one but the system has not recorded it !. As this is not the first time it happens can you tell me what to do at the end of each video TO MAKE SURE THE SYSTEMS REGISTER IT. 1- I don't necessarily have time to leave a comment each time-2- may be I should not just close the window once the video has finished. CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO SO I DON'T GET THE SAME VIDEO I HAVE GONE THROUGH THE DAY BEFORE? THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND I REALLY DO APPRECIATE ALL YOUR WORKPLANS![:01:]

Nice.  Not overdone.  Just some soothing music and super good stretches.

Perfect workout after a bouncy one. Merci Jeremy!!

I couldn't find 'stretching in the sun' do you remove some workouts? Is there a search button?

Great way to end the day.  Nice to have an option like this to unwind.  Also, loved the music throughout!


What a wonderful stretch after one of the cardio workouts!  [:03:]

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