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Breeze by the Lake - bellicon Move



I am going through a 30 minute bellicon Move class at the beautiful Lake Michigan in Chicago. The bellicon Move class is designed to be low impact and low intensity - a wonderful class for anybody. You will feel restored an rejuvenated at the end.

My first workout I picked for my workout plan.  I really enjoyed it all.  Didn't know there were so many moves to do.  I'm sure I looked dorky when doing the mind-balance part, but who cares--I'm by myself and I don't care.  [:11:]

Such a calm bounce all that’s missing is my beach front![:06:]

Nice location!

Gutes Training bei eingeschränkter Gesundheit z. B. Erkältung.

Thank you Fayth!First time with my own Bellicon (I've been practicing on my sister's). I love working out with you, had to get my own.

Ganz toll vorgeführt, da brauchts keine Übersetzung [:01:][:01:][:01:] Thank you/Danke !!!

Great Class, Fayth
Love your style and your smile.
As a used-to-be yoga teacher I really know how important it is to
be chirpy and yet calm, with the smiles and encouragement
which you bring.  Well done

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