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High Intensity Interval Training Circuit



High Intensity Interval Training or HIT incorporates vigorous periods of exercise with short periods of active recovery. The beauty of this is it is quick so you can fit it into your day and you can also maintain your optimal exercise form.

Wow! Short, fast, fun, safe! 
Excellent video Fayth! 
It's like doing wind sprints for running, something I have missed for so long.
Super, duper happy way to start the day! [:06:]

Awesome !!

Sehr gutes Kurz High Intensity Training. Moderat & Level 5 finde ich etwas zu wenig eingestuft !!!

I have osteo arthritis in my left hip and can do this workout....

Great way to start the day!

...and you've got to have Fayth, Fayth, Fayth......[:01:]

Great HIT workout

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