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50 Minutes Intermediate Art Gallery



This workout is a full length 50 minute intermediate be360 workout. Work on cardio, balance, flexibility, and finish with a relaxing recovery at the end. All set in an art gallery in Evanston Chicago.

[:06:][:01:] Awesome workout!

I loved this workout, music was a little loud, hard to hear Fayth.

Again an awesome start into the day, love your classes!

I love all of he workouts I've done with Fayth, she is an amazing instructor.

Super workout, it includes everything in a nice tempo!! [:01:]

This was a wonderful workout. Fayth's suggestions and comments are perfect.

This is fantastic! I really liked the PNF stretching part for the hamstring, I had the impression that it really gets better every single time! thank you![:01:]

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