Bungee Strength?



Hi everyone, I am new to rebounding, but purchased my Bellicon back in March - and I LOVE it! 

But my question is, what bungee cords are you all using? I purchased mine with the STRONG clips (I am 54kg) - but I am finding that when I am trying to keep up with fitness videos (Like Arnita Champion) I can't keep up as I am just sinking too low and if I want to try and get the speed up, I am almost crouched over.... so feel my form is being compromised....

I was thinking or purchasing new bungees, but am worried that if I get them TOO strong... they won't be right for the Health Bounce..... any help or suggestions would be appreciated :)


thanks for your request.
In my opinion the strong clip is totally fine for you. I wouldn't go any higher.
Don't worry if you can't keep up sometimes. The bungees and speed are totally impacted by technique of the user and the weight of the user.
Arnita furthermore uses very very strong bungees as mentioned in her videos because she has/had an injury in her ankle.
To get the full effect you don't have to be as fast as she is - it is more important to do the exercises in a proper way.
Hope this helps you out.
Enjoy your time!!

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