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personal notes on videos



Hello lovely Bellicon crew.
I've found that I have soo many favourite videos that I would like to get them into a system to make it easier to find them again. is there a possibility that we could add pesonal comments, like (the awesome planking cooldown" or "best coordination training" or whatever? I have some that are more favourite than others... I would like to mark those , just for myself of course.
That would be a great add-on to the service you already provide! [:01:]
thanks and have a lovely christmas!
Andrea /Austria/Europe

Hi guys!  question regarding I keep my feet rolled more on the little toe edge during the workout and do I keep a slight bend in my knees?
Do I push off with the whole foot (heel and toes)  with foot rolled outward toward the little toe side... Thank you for your time!

Hi Andrea and Angie, you both are absolutely right - we like that idea to add notes and to be able to organize them. We will add those features in 2018. I would also like to add a distinction between "liking" a video and making it "favorite". Also I would like to add the possibility to do the same not only for videos but also for plans. And allow leaving comments for plans. What do you both think?

I agree, awesome idea, it's only going to get worse as more video's are added.  I currently have 2 pages of favourites and I'd like to be able to organise them. [:01:]

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