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Any new HIIT content coming down the pipe?



Who do I talk to about questions about content and subscriptions?  I'm looking for more lvl 8+ style HIIT workouts in the ~30 min range and keep replaying the same ol' few vids over and over...

Help a girl get her bounce on!

I am a big big fan of some of Jeremy's vids and Remy's High Intensity HIIT workout, so vids in that style and intensity really appeal to me.  I'm less of a fan of the T bar vids but that doesn't stop me from trying to follow along with one.  

Sorry, I had originally typed a more detailed msg earlier, but got silenced by a character limit.  ;-)

So I happen to get my stretching, relaxation, balance and strength training from other sources so I really come to the Bellicon to giver as I can't run any longer.  Hence why I like the HIIT type vids so much.  I do combine a few shorter ones at times, but it gets tedious to skip the cooldown and warmup phases of vids when you're doing this, especially over a slow link which I've been dealing with of late.  It can really interrupt a good beating heart rate!!  

I was enjoying the few full live classes from Jeremy but saw that they got pulled from accessibility online.  I can understand that you're trying to run a business, but maybe you can consider moving those to a server accessible by your paying 360 customers? 

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River west

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