Anything you need help with?



Post it here and let us try to solve it together! Many other be360 users got very knowledgable on how to best use the platform and get the most out of it.

How do I delete activity? My very first video was one I showed my husband. I didn't realize the platform tracked bounces so it included the first one even though I never actually bounced it.

Virginia Parker here, i posted in another section that i have broken my knee cap and so want to suspend the trial! Sad but i'll be back! Thanks

Hi Bellicon crew,
I have joined as a newbie bouncer for the trial, i did 4 sessions and loved them... however sadly i had a fall (nothing related to the Bellicon) and have fractured my knee cap! So no more bouncing for a while.... can i suspend my newbie month or just begin again once i am fully healed?
Thanks and i know i'll be back at full strength :)
Virginia Parker

Full body burn with Jeremy was glitchy and buffering a lot today.  Never had a problem with any workouts till this one!!!

Hello! I just did my fist workout---LOVE!

Do you know if I can stream the videos on Amazon Fire TV?

I've completed 2 videos today and neither has been added to my activity. Last Saturday, I completed 5 videos and they were all posted and are the only ones showing. How can I get them added? FYI, the way I'm playing them is on my iPad and air playing to my Apple TV/Smart TV. I do get the completed message when I'm finished, too.

Once  or  twice my Session was'nt added although  I completed in the normal  way  - how could  it  be? 

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be360 uses the PCFBR
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