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Intro to Bounce at Clarke House Park



This workout is an introduction to bouncing at the beautiful Clark House Park in Chicago. It's great for all levels.

I've already done this and bounced an hour for two days. The Bellicon is delightful. I don't want a formal plan, but just a video to watch during my workouts for ideas.

Lovely way to start a very stressful day [:01:]

Is this the workout for strengthening the pelvic floor? 

just been diagnosed with diabetes I switched to a different ( improved) lifestyle. eating mostly veggies, low carbs ( type two diabetes and carbs give me trouble with my bloodsugar levels) some fish , seeds nuts and small portions of fruit.  my other "move" was buying a bellicon. just completed my very first exercise and it was FUN. my joints were grateful, I didn t exercise a lot because of a knee injury . During this exercise I was fine, NO pain.  I wasn t able to jump as long as in the video, so I think I ll stick with this video for a week or so to see if I can improve that before moving on to the next.
My children love it too, ever since the bellicon is in the house they have been on it moving instead of playing with a computer or watching television. great gift to myself, thanks for the exercise! great program! can t wait to see the results in a couple of months my aim is to go without medication for the diabetes and live a long and healthy life!

I would really have liked the work outs all to be 20-25 min, all are under 20!  Can that be changed?  Thanks

I would really have liked the work outs all to be 20-25 min, all are under 20!  Can that be changed?  Thanks

Nice!! Love it!! Great morning workout !! 

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