Bounce and Stretch



Warm up your muscles and then stretch them with this relaxing bounce.

A great video to follow Daisy's Just Dance Workout!!!!

Nice stretch variation

Right hamstring stretch got omitted on the video:(  Hopefully most know to add this, but a professional video like this should be checked.

Great to include in your sets of stretches after a long haul flight.

I really liked it, I really needed a good strech!! Thank you Fayth!

Nice after a workout I feel refreshed, good one Fayth!

Loved it.  I added in the second hamstring stretch on the other side.  I thought it was hilarious when all the seguays started rolling by.   And the guy in the back getting his picture taken made me laugh too.  I really do love it when they have the workouts outside in cool areas like this where anything can happen.  

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River west

River west

River west

River west

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