Cardio Workout



Work your way into a cardio bounce outdoors in the windy city.

This one is mostly jogging for the cardio, but great workout!  

Faith's energy is fantastic in this workout, but I won't do this one again.  Too much arm work!  And not enough leg variation.

Great energy booster - short and effective!![:01:]

excellent cardio / coordination / balance moves - i feel them working already in the aftermath

Not sure if it was my internet, but I had start/stop issues too

Hi Kristy , could you please make recommendations as far as variation in leg movement?

I must be having internet issues since this is the second video I've tried that is stopping and starting...continually. I'll check with my provider. Not the way I wanted to start my day...I need to bounce! ; )

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River west

River west

River west

River west

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