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Bouncing Beach Workout



Bounce by the beach in Chicago. This is a well rounded workout that begins with some light cardio and balance work and progresses into stretching.

Fay is great [:01:]

Love this workout, love Fayth and the music! I think I burned more than 48 calories a good sweat going! Thanks for all you do Fayth!

I enjoyed this workout at the beach, although it's fall, it felt like summer. Thanks!

Definitely for beginners.  Music got annoying.

This was a very fun workout, loved it!! but I noticed that is shows not many calories burned for 20 minutes. My goal is to burn from 300-500 on my cardio days.

These repetitive and simple moves, with little cardio and stretches are perfect when not really in the mood to do a challenging workout!!! Merci Fayth :-)

I love Fayth! She's awesome!

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