Speed & Agility



This workout focuses on cardio training and power exercises. Your endurance will be improved with sprints and jogging.

Workout mostly for LEGS, GLUTES and CORE... with cardio and sweating. 
Merci Jeremy, I will add this one in my favorites :-)

Got a great little sweat going with this one-thanks Jeremy:)

Wow! Heavy workout! POWERRRRRR!!!

Great workout! Thanks Jeremy. This was Day 6 of my 50 Day Challenge.

The length of this one was great for high intensity. I appreciated the one legged work that included jumps.

For most of these moves, I could not do them, in the past, on the hard floor due to foot and ankle issues. I can, however, do them now in this format and my lower extremities are strengthening.

I'm going to feel more confident going into ski season this year! thanks.

Nice bursts of energy! Like the 20 minutes perfect add on to other workouts! :)

Loved this! Perfect cardio :)

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