Full Body Burn



This videos offers an intense whole body workout, which improves your endurance as well as your power and balance. Finish with some stretching exercises.

Love those Charlie Chaplan leg sequences. Thanks.

Great quick work out for when you have limited time! Thanks Jeremy! :-)

Liked it , but more of a classic workout with cardio to start and then strength exercises to follow

Great workout! :)

BRAVO Jeremy!!!! That's a perfect workout..... CARDIO, ABS, LEGS,  GLUTES,.... and a lot of SWEATING :-) 
One of my favorite!!

Great workout, burning it in short amount of time!!

Love the release feeling and the connection to your center. My neck and shoulders feel relaxed and more pliable! Really need a Bellicon ![:11:]

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PCFBR is an acronym for
the five major fitness areas
of Power, Cardio, Flexibility,
Balance and Relaxation.
be360 uses the PCFBR
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