Daisy's Quick Cardio



Daisy's Quick Cardio

There was only a pic of a bellicon tramp...voice but no video of Daisy...still did it

Very efficient 7 minutes. I can see using this in many ways - when I need a quick intense cardio blast, as a mid-day brain and body pick-up and as a way to warm up my body before doing yoga in the mornings when I tend to be a bit stiff. Thanks Daisy - well done.

Awesome work out burst, Daisy! I did Sarah's new arm workout after yours and feel real balanced. You guys are awesome!

As a Bellicon beginner and at age 84 there is no way I can do any of that. But interesting to watch.

Please buy daisy a pair of training trousers that don't have rips and ladders on the inner thigh.

Awesome - short but intense - cannot breathe!!!! Thank you!

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River west

River west

River west

River west

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