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Daisy's Booty Blast Workout



Daisy Booty Blast

This was so fun, and Daisy you are great--love your workouts--please do more! I like this as it's really different from most of the other videos and very short, I can use it as an add--on to a lifting or other type of workout if I want to do quickly work on legs/bum. thank you! Also, I usually have to turn my T bar around for all other videos--it was nice to use it this time and see different ways to use it. 

A real challenge without the t-bar but doable! 

A little goofy work-out humor here - this is obviously a highly effective routine since Daisy has obviously blasted the booties completely off the sculptures in the background! [:02:]

I don't have a T-bar (hope there will a new retrofitted model for my 49" Premium some time in the future), but pulled my rebounder up to the chest of drawers in my bedroom and did the work-out there with no problems. If I didn't have a T-bar, I'd scope out my house to see how else I might be able to modify - furniture, a half-height wall, etc.

Fun work-out and as always, Daisy is a delight. [:06:]

Got the T-bar and love the workout

I love Daisy's video's but this one is difficult to do without a t-bar which is frustrating as it's now impossible to buy one. Bellicon please don't do t-bar video's if you're not selling them anymore [:04:]

I can't wait to try this one.  I already know I will love it!!!!!! 

love the booty blast!!! You are so cute and energized throughout the video! Go Daisy! Thanks so much for another great video!


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