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Remy D.'s High Intensity Interval Training



Fabulous!  HIIT is a winner. Thank you! [:11:]

Efficient use of time for sure!

One of my all time favourites!! Thank you Remy!!

I just two of these back to back.  What an awesome and fun routine.  The bear crawl jumps in and out definitely let me know I need to be doing of these and/or lower ab strengthening.  Youch!!!!

Wow!!  Best HIIT workout I've ever had.  Beats sprints or burpees on solid ground any day!  Thank you!

good good 

Loved this workout--I find myself drawn to the workouts that are 25 minutes or less--with high caloric burn. Life is busy--and this workout is great when it comes to getting a lot of bang for your time buck! Thanks Remy D!

Wow! That was quite a workout, you succeeded in getting me sweating, yay!

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