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High Intensity T-bar Cardio Blast



Always embrace the core!

Yes, i agree with Bounce Babe - one of my favorites too :) When will they come out with a T bar for the 49'inch Bellicon?

OK, I think I've found my morning start-the-day bounce.  That was fun!  More, more, more!

Great workout without using the T bar!~! love your energy - keep making those amazing videos!! THANKS DAISY!!! ;)

Love Daisy's videos.  They have the best music.  Would love to see some in the 30-60 minutes range.

Favorite Video by far.  This is exactly the type of workout I have been looking for.  Would love a longer full body version.

More please!

This *is* a fun workout and she does have great cueing.  Will have to see what else Daisy has on belliconhome.

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