10 Min Office Break



A workout video to help relieve computer posture.

Like this a lot - work from home and have my bellicon in the kitchen, and this is a great workout to break things up. Overall I am now structuring my day around my workouts. I get up and do a 20 min cardio workout then have a shower and breakfast. Then throughout the working day, I reward myself with a quick bounce to relieve stress and put natural breaks between different pieces of work and it really helps me concentrate, so isn't wasted time.  At the end of the working day I either go for a long walk  or again have a bounce. It is a great way to bring the workign day to a close and reclaim the kitchen for home time!! Thanks Fayth - think you really understand this approach, and the posture work is great for my mid back which used to get really painful and stiff 

Love this!! 

I work from home and in front of a computer for long hours. This workout is just perfect to disconnect for a few minutes and get a much needed boost of energy :)


Another fun way to relax. Thank you


I loved it!!! Very relaxing =)

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