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First time with this workout.  I combined in it with Arnita's new core work out.  Wow, my whole body feels alive and vibrant.  At 64 years old,  it feels like I just dropped 40 years.  Thank you so much Fayth for the workout and for the exquisite instruction.  Soooo glad you are instructing.  I am using my Bellicon daily (almost) because of the instruction and the variety of videos. 

That was wonderful...thank you so much...

good gentle workout that helps me learn how to teach for timing / rhythm

My whole body feels renewed! Super workout, thank you!

Thank you Fayth. This is a great workout. It is the 2nd time I've done it. I'm an art teacher and the first time I did this workout, I feltlike itwas working on noonly my physical balance but also my visual perception too.

That was great

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