Low Back Pain



I just got over knee problems and now I have low back pain the day after my workout.  The last video I did was Remy’s HIIT.  My bungees are soft, silver cord with blue bands.  Do you think a medium band would be better and prevent the pain.  I am 120lbs.  I also have a bellicon that has strong bands but the 200 lb guys in the family use that one.   I’m really enjoying these videos but would like to lose the back pain. 

I did Remy’s back strengthening and also the low impact on the strong today.  My back is sore today too and I agree I’m probably overdoing.  Will also stretch more too.  Thanks for your help.  

Hi Marie, you are using soft bungees which means you are doing more than anyone else on your bellicon. Our recommendation would be "Medium" bungees for 120lbs - as shown here: Otherwise, are you working out on a regular basis? Don't overdo it, Remy has some great workouts - that look easy on him but are quite challenging. 


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