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Bouncing afte eating?



Hello everybody,
I am quite new to this and already SO addicted that I bought a second bellicon for my weekend flat... ;-)

Your videos are so cool and motivating!

Now, my question - how much time should pass after eating so you can bounce without the contents of your stomach being reversed?
Oh, and how about Fayth, is she well? Has the baby arrived yet?
Thanks and have a nice weekend![:02:]
Andrea from Austria

Thanks guys!
And if I happen to have eaten heavily, how long do I have to wait until I can do a nice cardio?  :-)

I didn't see any replies yet from Bellicon but as for me, I can only eat light like a small peice of  fruit, fresh juice or some good red beet juice that enhances my workout.  I have no problem with small sips during the workout when possible.  Fayth is my go to trainer I pray she and her family are doing great.  I totally agree with you, rebounding is one of the best things to be hooked on!

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