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I am loving my Bellicon! I have worked my way up from not even lasting 5 minutes to completing the 30 minute videos. I have cycled through the Weight loss series several times. Is this going to be completed? It would be nice to see more videos of 30-45 minute duration. 

Agreed!  And personally, less warm ups and cool down lengths, that's easy enough to manage on my own.

I love my bellicon and agree would love longer more intense workouts 

Yes. I would love to have longer videos also.It would be nice to have some new videos.

Add me to the list! I would love more 30 to 45 minute workouts! I do the shorter ones twice but would like to skip the second warm-up.

I would also like longer videos (30-60 minutes of actual workout, not including the warm up/cool down)!  I know that we have the option to string together some of the shorter videos on our own (which I do on the weekends), but when I only have a certain block of time for my workout I feel like I waste a lot of time trying to figure out which videos to piece together.  I love my bellicon!  Thank you for making such a wonderful piece of equipment and library of videos!!!   

Agreed. Add me too

Would love more of these too!

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