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Hi, I am a newbie here (to exercise in general). Have had my bellicon for about two weeks the first week only working out about ten minutes a day. Is it normal for my calves still to be burning as much as they are? Maybe that is just what comes with working out and I totally get if people are giggling behind their screens :) Will this lessen in time or am I doing something wrong? Any feedback appreciated, thnx.

I'm experiencing the same after 1 week. Going to use some Magnesium oil to relieve some of the calve tightness, and take 1-2 days off a week until my calves adapt. As with my weight training initially I was sore for several days after a hard workout. Now I hardly get sore at all.

HI Lindi, So sorry for the delayed response and thank you for being so honest! There is definitely no giggling behind the screens [:02:] I guess many experience the same, when they first start. Give yourself a bit more time so your body can adjust to the new training challenge your body goes through. Has it improved in the meantime or are you still suffering from the burning calves?

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